Sandra Dewi Bugil

Foto Sandra Dewi - Additional tasks - During the shoot I waited and waited for Movies filmed this time Indonesia has lots waiting for the rain, and waited for the cover (close up) players because the players buanyak really I ended up in the car photo ajaand this results malam2 and dark cm accompanied headlights aja I'd come home at 5am today to shoot another day.

Today will be the last and most difficult day - Hi Sanders this yesterday. Derings royal theme ni. Aku pake baju ratu2an with Oki Lukman as his daughter watchI kept well Derings every Monday-Friday at TransTV Derings new format now I. Adul and Oki Lukman Azis also clay what is the difference yah .. Udah liat tvc Clear Soft and Shiny new? This atmosphere of shooting Seneng really coming Dhito old Sanders And movie filming in 2012 - Sanders hai gimana.Weekendnya this time I was a lot of weekend time on the set. And sincereturned from Bali activity was not decreased. In fact, I had to shoot ampe late

November with the finalists Clear Hair - Model doain so well well how do you film in 2012 and what do you think about the movie 2012? Kalo by I, it was just a movie Watch the Derings, the new soul - haiiiiiii Sanders, finally I got back from Bali as well after all this time there jolly picture.

You're all good right?. First impression when I sampe Jakarta yesterday from Bali is different wah really well, in Jakarta rain and overcast. In Bali, the weather is very hot. As long as I was in Bali, sangat2 hot weather. I'm sun burn several days, Bali, the fourth day - a very hot day, last night me and my friend Arnie jalan2 to Legian, Kuta Bali. I'm shopping dress, superiors, belts, and skirts a lot really. Many Bali really stylenya. I also had to buy batik, too. Oleh2 also I've made I bought makeup at TransTV artisku. Oh well starting today, begin running Derings

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